A graduate of the University of Washington's Business School, Michelle immediately landed a job as part of the sales team at AK Media (now Clear Channel Outdoor). After two years of gaining skills in the impactful, "think big" world of Outdoor Advertising, she went on to work for Viacom Outdoor selling transit and billboard advertising in the Greater Seattle/Tacoma market.

After working for two global media companies, Michelle realized her passion lied in building client relationships and creating a more balanced work life. This led her to co-found what is known today as Mediability. She primarily manages regional and national clients including: The Good Samaritan Society, Aegis Living and Harry Ritchie’s. Michelle enjoys the challenge of researching new markets and recommending both full-scale regional to national plans, as well as local media campaigns. She thrives in looking at the big picture when it comes to media overall.

 “We started Mediability because we wanted to work with clients and companies on a more personal basis - and provide media recommendations we truly believe best fit their needs,” Michelle comments. “I have the best job imaginable! I start my work days loving what I do – helping our clients grow their business and build brand awareness."